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This mini-documentary retells the unfortunate events of Gerald Brigham’s struggles with addiction and how the help of one organization, the Hope Community Homeless Shelter, changed his life forever.

Homelessness is an ever-growing problem in the United States of America, where we pride ourselves on being able to provide for all a safe and decent living situation. While it seems logical that everyone who is homeless are drug addicts, that’s just not the case. Many veterans, children, and former hard-working citizens find themselves without shelter or adequate food supply everyday. About 46% of the homeless population in America is of non-chronic drug-related issues.

With Hope, my intention was to spotlight a true redemption story, showcasing the essence of the human condition and people helping people. The majority of the film was shot with natural lighting and one 2k Soft with 1/4 CTB. The interview scenes were shot with the same lighting sequence and one additional Inkie with diffusion as a fill for the interviewee’s face; except for Mr. Brigham, whom instead of simply diffusion, a 1/4 Straw was also used for his fill. The entire film was shot handheld. (Principal DP: David Liz)

Camera: Sony HD Ex1    Editing System: Final Cutp Pro 7

Writer/Director/Editor/Musical Score: Torch Eberhart

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