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Cinematography Reel

A quick showcase of various scenes I’ve shot utilizing a multitude of different angles, lighting and coloring schemes, and shot compositions. The cameras used throughout this sequence: Canon 5d and 7d, REDOne Cam 2k, Fujifilm Vivid 16mm, Sony EX1, and Sony HDVCam.

A lot of the sequences I shoot tend to follow a naturalistic approach. I have always believed the energy and sun around us can create some of the most beautiful images onscreen. Natural light and intense focusing of the eyes brings about a more intimate  relationship with the character. It is in that relationship do we learn their true intentions. I’ve always been told that the human eye can see far more than we ever want to. Even before we are given a character’s intentions through their onscreen actions and dialogue, if we open our eyes to the basic shading, coloring, lighting techniques, and camera angles mastered by the Storaros and Deakins  of the world, we have everything we need to understand the ideas the Director is trying to conceive through the DP’s lens.


Cinematographer Inspirations: Vittorio Storaro, Roger Deakins, John Toll, Conrad Hall, Robert Richardson, Matthew Libatique, Phillipe Le Sourd, Ellen Kuras , Wally Pfister

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