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Cinematography Reel

A quick showcase of various scenes I’ve shot utilizing a multitude of different angles, lighting and coloring schemes, and shot compositions. The cameras used throughout this sequence: Canon 5d and 7d, REDOne Cam 2k, Fujifilm Vivid 16mm, Sony EX1, and Sony HDVCam.

A lot of the sequences I shoot tend to follow a naturalistic approach. I have always believed the energy and sun around us can create some of the most beautiful images onscreen. Natural light and intense focusing of the eyes brings about a more intimate  relationship with the character. It is in that relationship do we learn their true intentions. I’ve always been told that the human eye can see far more than we ever want to. Even before we are given a character’s intentions through their onscreen actions and dialogue, if we open our eyes to the basic shading, coloring, lighting techniques, and camera angles mastered by the Storaros and Deakins  of the world, we have everything we need to understand the ideas the Director is trying to conceive through the DP’s lens.


Cinematographer Inspirations: Vittorio Storaro, Roger Deakins, John Toll, Conrad Hall, Robert Richardson, Matthew Libatique, Phillipe Le Sourd, Ellen Kuras , Wally Pfister

Finding Soil

Sometimes the best decision isn’t always the one we would like to make. Unfortunately, for ex-convict, Thomas, the last few years his past criminal record has held him from possible work and forced him to homelessness. But Thomas has a daughter and he’s desperate to give her more than love. Desperate and hopeless, Thomas continues to try and make it through tough situations. Thomas applies for a job at a waste department and all is looking like he will get the job. But in the end, his criminal past haunts him again. Now with no money, Thomas is forced to decide whether or not he can continue to care for his daughter or give her away.

A Love Supreme in 720fps

720 fps, shot in 2k on the REDCAM.

Still 1Still 2Still 3Dir: Evan James Houston

DP: Torch Eberhart

1st AC: Patrick Gines
2nd AC: Ricky Rose.

A mixture of Handheld Cam Op, Cam on Big Sticks, and Ubangi High Riser on Panther dolly.

In The Nik of Time

Hear the gripping story of Jessica “J.Nicole” Jackson, a single mother who once had everything but through a series of unfortunate events lost it all, and was left to raise her daughter Travia. With no where to go and all alone, in her own words, J.Nicole speaks on how God and a rediscovery of a family recipe got her through the most trying of times right In The Nik of Time.
Interviewed by Nikkie P.
DP/Editor/Musical Score: Torch Eberhart


This mini-documentary retells the unfortunate events of Gerald Brigham’s struggles with addiction and how the help of one organization, the Hope Community Homeless Shelter, changed his life forever.

Homelessness is an ever-growing problem in the United States of America, where we pride ourselves on being able to provide for all a safe and decent living situation. While it seems logical that everyone who is homeless are drug addicts, that’s just not the case. Many veterans, children, and former hard-working citizens find themselves without shelter or adequate food supply everyday. About 46% of the homeless population in America is of non-chronic drug-related issues.

With Hope, my intention was to spotlight a true redemption story, showcasing the essence of the human condition and people helping people. The majority of the film was shot with natural lighting and one 2k Soft with 1/4 CTB. The interview scenes were shot with the same lighting sequence and one additional Inkie with diffusion as a fill for the interviewee’s face; except for Mr. Brigham, whom instead of simply diffusion, a 1/4 Straw was also used for his fill. The entire film was shot handheld. (Principal DP: David Liz)

Camera: Sony HD Ex1    Editing System: Final Cutp Pro 7

Writer/Director/Editor/Musical Score: Torch Eberhart


Mr.Frodo taking in the breathe of air, at the piers in Freeport, Bahamas. Shot with the Nikon D5000 85mm

Under The Mango Tree

Hello World!

Staring at the sun

Winter Jam


After The Smoke at TCC Welcome Week 2012 Nikon D5000 25MM on Sticks